About Us

How it works:

1. Contact us by submitting a STUDENT FORM or by calling 858.531.5676  San Diego

2. A   member  of  our  staff   will  ask  a few  questions about  your musical   background,  interests, and  location.  From  there  our professionally   trained  representative will discuss  our policies, pricing,   and   give   the   availability  and  backgrounds  of  each teacher in your area.

3. Based on  the information  provided, our staff member will give recommendations  for which teacher  they  feel  would best  suit you.

4. Select  a  teacher.   We  will have them call or email you directly to schedule your first lesson.*

5. Begin  your  music lessons!   After  the  first  couple  lessons  if you  would  like  to  try  a different  teacher,   please  let  us know. We  offer  quick teacher  replacement  because  we  understand that  it  is impossible for  a teacher to connect with 100% of their students, and finding  the  right  teacher  for you is the key to you success!

Imagine Music Lessons does not have set monthly prices. Students only pay for lessons completed. Pricing per lesson varies depending on location, length of lessons, and number of students. For exact pricing, please CONTACT US

*To ensure a safe environment for our teachers as well as our students, in home music lessons generally require a one on one interview with a staff member before lessons get started.