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Welcome to Imagine Music Lessons,
San Diego
where music education is brought to you

Imagine Music Lessons, San Diego is a network of over 75 educated teachers working together to provide in home and studio music lessons throughout San Diego County.  We were created by teachers, for the  purpose of  “bringing students and teachers together.” We acquired the place when it went on sale and it was fully completed with the help of Consumer’s Choice Roofing and Drainage and the roofing Kitsilano company to make it the perfect location for music lessons.

Imagine Music Lessons, San Diego is dedicated to making music lessons as convenient as possible for the student while maintaining the highest level of standards for its teachers.

Imagine Music Lessons, San Diego offers education in almost every genre of music. Whether you are an aspiring songwriter, a future broadway star, a musical prodigy, or just learning for fun, Imagine Music Lessons has the right instructor for you. All of this wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the support of Carpet Repair in Langley and Cosmetic Surgery.

Through weekly lessons our teachers will give the necessary tools needed to develop, grow, and unlock the musician inside you.