What You Need To Start Electric Guitar Lessons

Hello folks!

If you are here reading this I take it that you are interested in learning the guitar. First of all, I want to promise you that this is a great adventure that you will never want to stop. Electric guitars are probably the most awesome looking musical instruments. An electric guitar will be part of you, of your lifestyle, it will represent you in front of your friends and later on, in front of the crowds that will be dieing to hear you playing. Before you even move on, you have to choose a new axe that will be your partner. Check out this website: Best Online Guitar Lessons, as it has some of the best electric guitar reviews and lessons that you will find online. Choose your new guitar, order an amp with it and get ready for the big stuff.

If you are looking for inspiration, you might want to check out this amazing YouTube channel of PixxyLixxx:

If this guy can’t inspire you, then probably this whole thing is not for you. If on the other hand, you like what you see, watch some of the other videos in his channel, you will absolutely love him. Once you’ve seen enough and you feel motivated enough, you can move on to the next stage.

Learning Electric Guitar Playing Tips

There are a few things that you should keep in mind all the time. Learning any music instrument is a painfull process that eats a lot of free time. You will have to practice with months, maybe years, until you get to the “pro level”. A lot of people tend to quit pretty fast, they decide it is either too hard or that they are not meant to be rock superstars. If you are in doubt, I want to recommend you to go with a cheap electric guitar for a start. Pick something from this list of electric guitars under $500. This way, you will not spend more than $500 and even if you give up, it will be pretty fast and easy to resell your acquisition at a small loss. Never forget that you will have to buy an amplifier too, an electric instrument can’t play by itself. All of the axes are usually coming with cables in the bundle so you do not have to worry about it that much. If you really do not know with what guitar to start, I will recommend the Epiphone Les Paul Standad. There is a great review about it at the GuitarFella website – great electric guitars for starters.

Well, this is more than enough to get you pumped up for some guitar playing. Stay tuned and I will come with a guide that will cover the first chords that you will have to learn.

Some of the Best Guitar Videos Online

Hello folks. I had a free day so I decided to spend it watching guitar videos online. I have to admit I was really entertained as I had no idea there are such great performes out there. I want to share with you some great amateur videos of guys like you and me that are very good guitar artists. I hope you will enjoy watching them as much as I did.

Talk about fast fingers. Ha! That guy is really impressive. I was actually expecting it is some kind of pranks. Proven to be wrong.

The best street guitar player ever? At least that is how the video is called. Well the guy got skill. Performing a funny song I will admit I watched the video two times untill I moved on.

I’ve herd about this guy before, but I never actually thought about googling him. A friend of mine was talking about the $40/hour guitar dude, but I was not really paying attention back then. The guy is good, he knows what he is doing with his guitar, but $40 per hour? A bit too much for me. I guess people on the street really seem to like him. You never know.